well doesnt that suck


A quick glance at how much money we throw at this sport.

Considering the people such as myself, this is not including the 5 other markers, hoppers, and tanks the person owns.

This is a total of $2409.64 on the field, not including paint/entry.

Considering that I personally will shoot 3-4 cases a day at a serious event, being case prices are $50 a case (which is reasonable for some events) and entry is about $2500 per team (split into $250 per person), this adds up to about $3059.64.

This does not include weekly practices shooting a case every sunday ($50/week) working up to the big event. This doesn’t include other events that teams partake in (Entry fees, and paint fees), gas used from place to place, yearly jersey replacements (usually over $100), and other random bs.

Every year, teams put out so much money towards this sport, and yet no one complains, including myself.

Why? Because every second we get on that field is worth every single penny.

Exactly. My mom still assumes that paintball is a phase and that I’ll grow out of it, or that eventually I’ll stop playing b/c it’s just a game and I’ll get bored of it like the other activities I used to do, but that’s not it. This isn’t just another weekend activity. I didn’t put all this effort and time to just drop it. I will play paintball till I can no longer hold a gun. Even after that, I will attempt to coach a team. Anything to keep me with the sport till I die.